corporate and team building events are a great and unique way to get the staff together.  We offer many packages and make it super easy to organize . 

The minimum number required are 10 participants, maximum number is 30.

Generally, Once we decide on a date and time, I will add your party into the calendar and send you a registration link that you send out to your party group so they can register and pick their projects on their own.  

There are a few options on how we do the registration process.

1. The company is paying for all the participants.  I will send you 2 registration links, one for you to know the pricing of the projects and 1 with the prices set to $0.00.  You can send the $0.00 link out to all the participants to register on their own.  Once everyone is registered I will send you a link to pay the balance, before the workshop date.

2. The company is paying a portion of the project for the participants.  The same as above except the link that is set to $0.00 will have the portion deducted from the price.  I.E. project is $50, and the company is paying $25.00 per person.  The prices will be reduced from $50 to $25 so the registrant is only paying their portion. Once everyone is registered, a final bill will be sent to you to pay the company's portion.

Registration deadline is 1 week prior to the event so I can get all the wood and stencils prepared in time for class.  This is important as some people have not registered and shown up for a party and did not have a project to do at the party.  Or registered too late for me to have things prepared in time.

For anyone that has registered and is not able to come to the party, we can pack up the project for you to take home. No refunds will be given as they are cut to order.

Party time is  3 hours and food, beverage and decorations are welcome.  I am right next door to Chicago Pizza, Newport Creamery, O'sushi, and Provisioner Deli, for food if you like.  

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